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Aries Naturals Story
I came from a poor family. As a child our food sometimes like so many others came from food boxes and food pantries. Through my childhood I have suffered through every form of abuse you could be put through.
I dropped out of high school half way through my sophomore year and became pregnant with my first child.
Through most of my adult years the cycle of abuse continued through my ex-spouses. I have spent most of my life as a single mother of 5children, due to broken relationships.
I do not share this for sympathy but rather as a way for the rest of this story to help encourage and inspire.
I do not hold any ill feelings to those who have abused me. I have forgiven them and moved on. These are parts of why I started my company Aries Naturals.
You see this is not a story of pain and suffering but one of triumph and victory. We can take something negative and keep viewing only the negative or we can take the negative and learn and grow and evolve from it and make it positive. That choice is ours and ours alone.
Through my trials and losses I learned that we are all beautiful. We all have the ability to succeed. We all have the ability to chase our dreams. We all have the ability to encourage others to do the same and to lift them up when they are down.
Also money and wealth are not meant to be hoarded and kept to ourselves regardless of how little or much we may have. It is those beliefs and feelings that drive Aries Naturals.
That being said I will now take you on the journey of Aries Naturals. How we started, where we are currently, and our goals for getting where we want to be.
When I started Aries Naturals I was working a full time job as a caregiver in a group home for Mentally & Physically disabled adults. I was making less than $10.00 an hour and attempting going to college to be a nurse full time. I was struggling. One night I was soaking in the tub and it occurred to me that the “bath fun stuff” I used was probably loaded with tons of chemicals that were not good for me or anyone else. So I began my journey of researching the ingredients in my bath, beauty, and cosmetic products and learned how to make my own without all the harmful chemicals that are in commercial products.
I began creating the products and when I first started I had 5 products and 15 sent combinations. I was not selling at that time. I didn’t have a store or anything. The thought had never even occurred to me. This was back in the winter of 2005. I decided to make a basket of small bar soaps in a variety of scents and give them to my co-workers as a Christmas gift.
2 days later my co-workers were telling me how much they liked the soap and asked what else I could make and how much it costs. I had never thought about it. So I would just tell them $3.00. One of my co-workers bought some of my lotion and loved it so much that she took it around the facility and had the residents and other so-workers try it. Later a dear resident of ours, who has long since passed on, stopped me and she said “Joyce, Rachel had me try your lotion and it is the best lotion I have ever used! She then told me that I was really smart with computers and had a good product and that I should build an online store and go into business for myself.
I have very poor credit so getting a business loan was and still is not going to happen. So that night I researched free or cheap places I could create a store on and found eCrater.
Today the company has over 10,000 products and scent combinations that I have created and slowly with little bits of extra money and the small amount of money from sales have been able to buy the equipment and supplies to make my products. I still today so far am working a normal job while I slowly with small amounts of money work towards bringing my company to a place where I can make a living off of it.
I want all my customers to feel beautiful and so I put a lot of love unto each product which are all made from scratch fresh on order, not sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased. This gives the customer a quality product that is fully customizable made just for them at an affordable price.
Also because I believe that we should all find ways to “give back” to make life for everyone sharing this planet I have products that I have attached various charities to that are dedicated to helping make sure we all have clean water and air, to keep forests green and alive, to fight homelessness and poverty, and feeding the hungry.
I also frequently share information with my Facebook fans about people that need help and encourage them to make donations along with myself and company to try to help those in need an help support others in following their dreams.
One day I hope to have Aries Naturals as a company that can run in the green and support myself and my family. And eventually the employees I hope to be able to help make a difference in each customer’s life and a positive impact in all communities everywhere.
In closing I would like all who are reading this to know:
You can change the negative in your live and you can help make another person’s day or longer more positive as well. Together we all can make great changes and rise above our pasts for better futures. Dare to dream and dram big. Have courage to step out and pursue those dreams. Then along the way help others to do the same. NO dream is too big!